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Harmony hearing launch noise protection campaign



This week we launched our Hearing Health Promotion Campaign to encourage better use of noise protection. Generally, there are many causes of hearing loss including age-related loss, hereditary factors, certain medications, viruses, infection, trauma and wax, to name but a few. While usually many causes of hearing loss cannot be avoided or prevented, noise-induced hearing loss, which is very common, is preventable.

We are surrounded by sounds in our everyday lives and mostly these sounds are at levels that don’t damage our hearing. However, when sounds are too loud, even for a brief time, they can damage sensitive structures in our inner ears and cause temporary or permanent deafness. This can be avoided and prevented.

Take note of some of the following guidelines to help prevent this type of hearing loss:

  1. Avoidance. Generally, try to avoid loud noise where possible.
  2. Speak out. When in uncomfortable environments request that sources of loud noise e.g. TV’s or music sources etc. be turned down. Remember, you are doing everyone a favour!
  3. Wear hearing protection. Especially when using farm machinery, chainsaws, strimmers, lawnmowers or other noisy equipment, or when working in noisy environments. Remember to maintain all equipment in good working order as this may also help to reduce noise output. Furthermore, when purchasing new equipment consider the noise output as part of your purchasing decision making.
  4. Reduce volume on radios, ipods, TVs and other sound sources.

Don’t let your symptoms of hearing difficulty go unnoticed. Call us today if you have any questions or concerns over your hearing health on 096-48932.