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Ear wax, Causes and solutions


Many people believe that ear wax build-up is as a result of poor hygiene. Ear wax is in fact, a clever mix of materials and secretions which are important in the cleaning and protection of our ears. Not only that, but ear wax also lubricates the skin, provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components. Furthermore, it protects our ears from water irritation, and traps dirt while preventing creepy crawlies from entering our canals.


Ear wax normally moves out of our ears naturally. For some, ear wax build-up can be a major problem and can be caused by many factors in our everyday life. This includes our work environment, the aging process, the shape and size of our canals, and sometimes, the glands in our canals secreting more than is necessary.

Note, that cotton buds should never be used in cleansing ears. They often push the wax down further and as a result can cause a blockage, damage ears and stimulate the canals to produce more wax. Instead, use a soft flannel to clean your ears up to the opening of the canal when showering.

Generally, most people will know when they have a wax build-up. However, common symptoms can include a ringing noise in the ear (tinnitus), a blocked feeling and loss in hearing. Sometimes, discomfort and dizziness can also be symptoms.

There are several methods of wax removal, but micro-suction is considered the safest. The process involves the clinician using a microscope to view the ear canal and inserting a suction probe which gently extracts the offending material. Micro-suction wax removal is safe, comfortable, gentle and very effective.

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